"Money Talking Blues"
"Roll On"


My musical journey began at the age of 5 when I heard my first symphony and my father showed me how to conduct along.  As a child I became enthralled with the music of Mahler, Debussy, and Beethoven.  Around age 10 I discovered classic rock music and decided to start playing.  After experimenting with a variety of instruments in school, I got a guitar during my early teenage years and began learning my favorite songs.  I began playing with other musicians shortly after.  The experience of creating with other musicians profoundly deepened my love of music.  

I graduated from the prestigious Berklee School of Music (Boston, MA) in 2006, with a degree in Guitar Performance and Music Production.  At Berklee I had the opportunity to study with outstanding teachers, learn the language of jazz, and greatly expand my musical horizons. 

After a few years of teaching and playing in bands in New York City and Maryland, I relocated to Portland, OR, to experience its thriving music scene.